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Did WalMart screw up my car?

So, I took my car to WalMart for an oil change a week and a half ago (I know, I know, you get what you pay for, bad choice, etc). I was broke and they were convenient.

ANYWAY. I had a small oil leak, but nothing major or catastrophic. It was next on my 'to fix' list. So, I get the oil change, get my car, move along. A week later, my low oil light is on. I check, and sure enough it's just about dry in there.

So, I put a bit more oil into it until I can find time to go get it looked at. The low oil light is back on before I'm even halfway to work, right after putting the oil in.

My question: is this something the techs at WalMart caused? If I were to take it back to them, would they fix it without charging me an arm and a leg for it? Before, it was maybe a few drops of oil. Now, it's practically hemorrhaging.
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