Kelly (kelj99) wrote in thequestionclub,

Two Subjects

#1 My son is turning 1 soon and I am planning a party.  Other children will be in attendance (ages 1-5-ish).  How long should a party of this nature be?  Is 1-4:30 too much?  Parents will be staying for the party and obviously can leave whenever they need to.

#2 My mom has recently had high cholesterol and high blood pressure and is trying to help control it through diet.  My parents have always been the "meat and potatos" kind of people and my mom admits that since us kids are all grown she often doesn't feel like cooking.  Where is a good place for me to find her easy-to-prepare recipes that can help her get on track to deal with these health issues?  What sorts of foods/ingredients are good to include and what things does she need to cut most?
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