normalee (normalee) wrote in thequestionclub,

How do you kiss? How good of a kisser do you think you are? How good of a kisser do others think you are?

For some reason I'm a lip person. There is very little tongue action but that could be mostly because I have a very short tongue. I more lightly brush their lips with my tongue while sucking on their lips. I've had guys shove their tongue in my mouth before and I've heard people describe "French Kissing" as massaging someone elses tongue with your own but I've never been quite able to master anything that resembles that in my mouth or his. Also, for some reason.... I always go for my boyfriend's upper lip and he always goes for my bottom lip. Odd.

When we first started dating there was more tongue action but I'm not sure why we stopped. I think I'm going to ask him why he thinks we kiss the way we do when next we see each other.

I've never really gotten a review, good or bad, of my kissing but I don't think I'm terrible. I once had a guy who I jokingly called Slimer. He fixed his technique shortly after.

(I see a few kissing questions recently and I swear I came up with this before reading those. Strange that we all think of kissing at the same time.)
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