Katzies (katzies) wrote in thequestionclub,

manicure question

I've never had a professional manicure done. My nails are fairly uneven and I pretty much just cut them short-ish - I never use any nail polish or other products. I'd like for them to be more even and have a somewhat similar shape, that's why I'm considering getting a professional manicure. No fake nails, probably not even polish, just getting them cut and shaped.

Should I go there with my regular nails like they are now or should I let them grow out a little so they have more to work with? I don't want to go there looking like a total slob with outgrown finger nails.

Also the skin around my nails (and on some fingers almost down to the first knuckle) is in pretty bad condition, I'm a picker/biter and I can't help it. Would you recommend to wait until it's healed (I doubt it will ever heal completely though) so I won't catch an infection?
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