really_living (really_living) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. I really want a pair of overalls. Laugh if you will, but I'd really like to have a pair. I'm currently looking myself online, but I thought I'd ask here too. Do you have a pair of overalls you really like? Where'd you get them? (I suppose I'm directing this towards the ladies, since I'm female.) I'd like a pair that have loose/slightly baggy pants legs (no tapered or 'straight' legs). For some reason, sitting in my law class this morning, I decided that I have to have a pair. Weird, I know.

Edit// Denim overalls (or 'coveralls' I guess)

2. I just killed a spider using body spray from Bath and Body Works (their special cranberry Christmas scent). Not the most humane method, no, but that's about all I can do, save for throwing shoes at them, and this one was on my window screen so that wouldn't have worked. Anyway, what's something stupid or pathetic that you have done recently?
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