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1. I've never been one to get manicures and pedicures, simply for the lack of time. Yet, right now my nails are an absolute uneven mess, and I really do not feel like attempting to be meticulous and doing them myself.

What is the general tip for a manicure? I'm not getting acrylics, just having the standard trim/file/paint

2. In middle school, the cool thing to have was this sour powder that you dipped your finger in and licked off. Repulsive sounding now, yeah, but at the time my friends and I thought it was the coolest thing. I only used my left pointer finger, but the powder had stained my finger! Not wanting to go to school like that, I wrapped gauze and surgical tape around it, and told everyone I cut myself. People believed me.

What stupid things did you do in the pre-teen/early adolescent years?

What fads did you submit to during those years?

3. What's your favorite tea? I'm quite partial to Stash green/white fusion, but yesterday I discovered Republic of China's Green pomegranate tea. Quite tasty.
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