inhale and exhale on repeat (loveinillusion) wrote in thequestionclub,
inhale and exhale on repeat

I dont know how to edit a previous entry to make this one post, haha.

For those of you who have played Scattergories, what's something you think you should have gotten points for but didn't because everyone voted against you?

I've had friends try to get points for:

Famous athletes, letter F: Forrest Gump
A spice, letter H: Hickory
Things you keep in a suitcase, letter F: Fallopian Tubes
Junk foods, letter J: Juicy Juice
Things at a party, letter R: Red Plastic Cups
Things at the beach, letter I: Idiots

Haha, there's many more. My friends and I play this game once or twice a month, and it gets pretty intense.

Also, is there a specific question that always gets your group of friends/family arguing?

Everyyyyy time we play the card that says to name a Notorious Person - there is an hour of disputes after in regaurds to what exactly "notorious" means, and how this person could have possibly been "notorious."

To the person a few posts below me, Scattergories is my favorite game, haha.
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