Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

Dropped money, part 2

You happen to be at the park. Suddenly, the sound of sirens pierce the silence, and the sound of skreeching tires and a crash. As you watch, a couple of guys with ski masks race out of their crashed car and take off on foot, running through the park. In the hands are bags of money. You immediately hide behind a bush. You see cops get out of their cars as a footrace ensues. As you watch, you see the bankrobbers hobble through some trees, and in the process, you notice that one of their bags opens and dozens of bills land behind them. They keep on going. The cops pursue, not even aware of the fallen bills. They all vanish from view. Upon closer look, it appears to be dozens of bills in large denominations. What do you do?

Collect all the bills
Leave the area immediately, leaving the bills behind

For those of you who collected the money, it all adds up to about $6,000. Later on, you hear on the news that the bankrobbers were captured. They had robbed the very place you bank at. All the money was recoverd, except $10,000. The police think it was stashed somewhere just outside the bank, as a payment to a second party. Hmm. The police have no idea the money was dropped in the woods. What do you do?

Go back and look for the other $4,000, Keep it all
Go back and look for the other $4,000, Return as much money as I can to the bank. It's not my money
Keep the $6,000. I'm not going back
Return the $6,000
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