your losing lucky number (raine_chan) wrote in thequestionclub,
your losing lucky number

I know that I already posted a question once today, but that was a good few hours ago, so I think this will be okay.

Again, it has to do with WoW (sorry!), so if you're knowledgeable on the game (or any MMOs in general, really), please take the time to help me fix this?

I tried to download the latest patch because the Blizzard Downloader was doing basically nothing. I got it off of Yahoo! Games. I moved it to the appropriate folder, but found that when I tried to play, the Blizzard Downloader still kept popping up. I double-clicked on the file, only to find that it was unable to authorize the patch, so it failed. Is there any way to fix this (preferrably without downloading it again)?

I'm getting pretty desperate. >_> I know one of my alt's servers is up and I'm pretty anxious to play as I haven't today.

Thanks a whole lot. ♥
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