getoffmeplease (getoffmeplease) wrote in thequestionclub,

eBay problems

I recently bought 3 items from one seller on eBay. I did the buy it now thing with the items all within about an hour. But the seller has only combined shipping for 2 of the items. I messaged her and asked her to combine the shipping with the third item and she said "Yes, just purchase more items and I'll combine and reinvoice you." I thought perhaps she didn't understand that I was referring to items that I've already purchased.

So I messaged her and explained I've already purchased all the items I need for now and specifcally said which items I was talking about (including the item numbers) and to please reinvoice me since there's no reason they can't be shipped together. She hasn't responded. I really don't want to wait even longer for the items but I'm not too keen on paying shipping twice when it's incredibly likely she'll just send them together anyway.

What should I do?
Do I just suck it up and pay for shipping twice then leave negative feedback?
Should I message her and threaten negative feedback if she doesn't reinvoice me? I'm worried if I do that, she'll mess me around even more (wait longer to ship my things, or they'll get "lost" in transit etc).
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