darkgreylenses (darkgreylenses) wrote in thequestionclub,

How do you get rid of someone who you had an unhealthy relationship with in the past, but who won't leave you alone when you want to move on?

Back in secondary school, there was a girl who was the ringleader of every unpleasant group.  She seemed to take relish in humiliating people, and was fond of mocking me and my friends openly.  One day, aged 13 or so, we ended up being allocated to work together on a project, and this was when it all began.   Our 'friendship' seemed innocuous enough at first; we'd go round each other's houses and do typical teenage things.  However, all the while she'd criticize and humiliate me, not to mention borrow things she'd never return.  Aged 16, I moved to a different school from her, but she still wanted to meet up- when we did, she ended up borrowing money from me that she promised to pay back, but never did.  Thoroughly sick of her bullshit, I blocked her online.  Today, I received a message from her on DeviantArt through my friend who I also know from that same school.  In this, she acknowledged that I had blocked her, and said she 'awaited my reply'.  I plan not to respond to her, but I'd really rather she left me alone.

what do I do, tqc? blocking her so far has been unsuccessful :(
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