Sara (sara_k_s) wrote in thequestionclub,

Wedding gift for my brother

My brother is getting married in a couple of weeks. I was planning to spend about $150 on the gift, but they don’t have anything on their registry in that price range that hasn’t already been purchased.

They do have a lot of small things on their registry, in the $25-50 range, that haven’t been purchased. I’m thinking maybe I should just get them a $150 gift card to Target or (where they have their registries) so they can purchase some of those smaller items that they’re not getting. I don’t know if that’s too impersonal, though, since the groom is my brother. They are not poor, but they are both pretty frugal and responsible with their finances.

Poll #1784712 Wedding gift for my brother

What wedding gift(s) should I give my brother?

A $120 item (the most expensive thing left on their registry other than the $400 XBOX) even though it’s a bit less than I planned to spend
Two items that add up to the $150 I was planning to spend (e.g., $50 rug + $100 vacuum cleaner)
A $150 gift card to Target or
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