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Welcome to my Meat Garden!

Question for the Vegetarians...

So, on the radio this morning (in the Half-Assed News) they were discussing this possible invention. You take a starter pack of cells and stick it into a machine (about the size of a coffee maker), turn it on, go to bed, then when you wake up in the morning, you'll have fresh sausage for breakfast. And it will grow more than just sausage - steaks, chicken meat, ham, etc.

Here's my question: since this meat is grown from a starter pack and isn't taken from an animal, would you - a vegetarian - eat the meat?

Edit: We are going under the assumption that the cells used come from actual animals. The cells being obtained through a blood sample - so no animal is being killed, and except for the prick we all feel from the needle, no pain involved. Under this assumption, one animal could help feed millions without ever dying.
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