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some computer questions

hi, i am ... fairly technically-illiterate. i can work my way around computers, but only the simplest of tasks. so, i figured i would pose some questions here in hopes yall would help. :)

1. of screen-capping: i really would love to screen-cap some of my movies, but i have No Idea how this is done. i tried the ghetto method of doing the 'print screen, paste in paint' thing, but now all my dvd-viewing programs are dead, with the exception of WMP. which doesn't let you do that. so i guess a question is how does one screen-cap? there are programs out there for that, right? which program would you recommend/is easiest/best to use?

2. on the same vein, my Power DVD program ((it came with the laptop)) isn't functioning. it'll give sound and a totally black screen until you hit Stop, where it then shows you the actual picture for a grand total of two seconds. i do not know why. not that i really used it much, but is this something i can fix? i also have VLC media player, which just plain won't open/run when i pick it. but if i open it manually and then open the dvd through it, it usually works fine. is this just a picky program, or am i doing something wrong?

3. the timeless, age-old question of Battle Of The Computers. APPLE vs. EVERYTHING ELSE.
i am in desire of a new laptop, as the one i have is old and kinda sad. however, i'm thinking about making The Switch to Apple, as i am a fine arts major and will probably be using a lot of the programs like Illustrator and Photoshop. now, i've asked many people around me their opinions on Macs and i've heard it all.
what i'd really like, though, is ACTUAL facts. i don't need a lot of cool things, i just need a working computer. so, what are the mostly-unbiased facts on Macs? what are good things, and did you have any real problems?

4. just a quick question for anyone who is a fan of Le Pacte Des Loups: i have the american version of the dvd, and adore it of course. but i've seen some stills of Sylvia and Marianne in church together. and... that's nowhere on my dvd! so is this just another deleted scene in a different version of the dvd? or... well, i guess that's all it could be. just wondering if anyone has seen it, because i am dying to watch that interaction.

thanks for putting up with my rambling questions! :)
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