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Should I or shouldn't I?

Another question from me, this one on involves websitey stuff and it's really all based on opinions.

I use Angelfire. ::waits for boos and hisses to end:: I basically use it because that's what I'm used to, as I've been using it since I first started making webpages... four or five years ago. I've had the same page all this time so when they gave us all 50MB of space free I got that and still have it. Now if you get a free page you get only 20MB of space and if you pay you get 25MB for $5 a month. I decided to pay but got 50 for $5 b/c that's what I already had.

Recently they changed things around but I was assured I wouldn't lose my extra space. Needless to say, unless they e-mail me saying "oh it's our mistake" I lost my extra space. While this sucks I'm iffy on whether I have the right to be upset or not. Yes I was getting a deal most people don't get but I'd been with them for a long time, especially long for a free webhosting service.

Here's where the question comes in: I have a couple options I could...

A.) Leave Angelfire altogether and go somewhere else.
B.) Upgrade to a better account and pay $12 a month.

The problem is that Angelfire has an editor thingy that I'm used to, I mainly use it to fix colors up for me and to upload files. (I don't have to worry about FTP huzzah huzzah.) I think I'd be lost without it really. I'm not sure if other pages have that.

With $5 a month this is what I'm getting:
No Ads
FREE Weblog Tool
25 MB of Disk Space (I guess, I'm doubting I'll get to keep my 50 and truthfully even 50 isn't enough)
5 GB of Monthly Bandwidth
Traffic Log Access
File Sharing
Web Folders

With $12 I get this:
FREE Domain Name
No ads
FREE Weblog Tool
100 MB of Disk Space
20 GB of Monthly Bandwidth
10 Subdomains
10 POP E-mail Accounts
CGI/PERL Support
JavaScript & CGI Library
Website Reports
File Sharing

What do ya'll think, especially you that have websites of your own, do you think it's worth the extra money? (My site is mainly for my photography if that helps any.)
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