Rich Slit Rehab (yessirmrsir) wrote in thequestionclub,
Rich Slit Rehab

Which of these situations do you believe is worse?

1) The majority of people paying full price for songs/albums, thus limiting their musical awareness to what they can afford. Artists receive full compensation for their recorded works, but lesser known bands and performers find little success due to their relative obscurity. Those that are successful gain much larger shares of the audience, resulting in immense ticket and merchandise sales.

2) The majority of people stealing music, either hard copies or digital files, thus greatly expanding their musical awareness beyond what they could normally afford. Artists recieve little or no compensation for their recorded works, but bands and performers across the board experience greater awareness of their recordings and benefit from increased but moderate concert and merchandise revenue, areas where they recieve a large percent of the profits in comparison to album sales.


I forgot the second part. The real question.

What are your three favorite bands?
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