kitlizzy (kitlizzy) wrote in thequestionclub,

Immigration question (hopefully not a repeat)

(This is a completely ignorant question, but I apparently do not understand the immigration policy/procedure in the US, so...)

Apparently we have a lot of illegal immigrants from Mexico here in the US. My question is, why are they immigrating illegally? What is it that makes immigrating legally hard?

If these millions of illegal Mexican immigrants are in fact the base of our work force, 1. why can't they get in legally if they're coming here to work and 2. why don't we have a policy of granting citizenship after a x amount of time being employed?

Come to that, why can't they immigrate with a provisional window (say 3 months) to find work and once they've been hired, be granted a temporary visa until they show a work history of a year or something, at which point they'd be granted citizenship?

I have no idea how the current immigration/citizenship process works so this whole thing is just completely confusing me. I happen to agree though that making illegal immigration a felony is completely stupid. One, how would you implement it, and two, where do we have prison facilities to hold them (unless they're just going to get deported...). It doesn't quite wash on a human rights front for me either, come to that.
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