Queen of Hyperbole (dragonjaze) wrote in thequestionclub,
Queen of Hyperbole


I just had a nice new upright freezer delivered to my home today. It reportedly is sitting in my living room.  I will have to unpack it and get it down two flights of stairs into my basement.  What are the chances of me being crushed by my new giant appliance?

Which appliance would you miss the most? the least?

My boyfriend went a little crazy when frozen pizzas and tv dinners were on sale.  Then, about 2 weeks later, he went on a diet and hasn't eaten any of them.  I won't eat cardboard pizza.  What can I do with the stack of frozen frisbees?  The food bank won't take them, because they are frozen.  It is against my nature to just toss them in the trash.  None of my family wants them. 

Which would hold more bodies, do you think: an upright freezer or a chest freezer?  Should body parts be grouped by kind?

Why am I so excited about getting a new freezer?
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