clockworkgirl21 (clockworkgirl21) wrote in thequestionclub,

Has anyone ever played the online game Howrse?

It's an online game that lets you raise and breed virtual horses. I've played it for a few years, and found it's pretty fun. Well, one game option was that you could give your mare an abortion if you accidentally bred her with the wrong stallion, or for whatever reason. Well, fundies didn't like their kids playing that game, so they asked Howrse to remove the option, which Howrse did.

So, in this game, you must pay to have a vet deliver the foal or the foal and possibly the mother will die. Many kids on the Howrse forums were upset because their horses were dying. They had no money for the vet bills. And fundies were okay with this.

I've played the game since 2008, and I remember having the option to terminate a mare's pregnancy, so maybe they brought the option back. Anyway, fundies are okay with that idea. The mother and baby dies, but at least there was no abortion!

Here is a link, written by a player of Howrse, and they're unhappy with the changes.

Simple question: How do you feel about this?

I have only one thing to say to fundies: You're upset virtual horses are getting abortions? Really?


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