Das Heeves (sammyjospambo) wrote in thequestionclub,
Das Heeves

Movies with a conformity/peer pressure theme

This is going to sound like a dumb movie compilation list, but I have a good reason for it...with that said, can anyone think of any flicks with a solid conformity/peer pressure/social situation pressure theme? So far I have...

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Wall Street
12 Angry Men
The Devil's Advocate
The Firm

...and all I have so far is essentially films where the 'good' individual triumphs over the pressure to conform. I know there's gotta be a few where the good guy doesn't win in the end. Can anyone think of any other films in this vein? Or even fiction books? I'm trying to prove a point and want to have both historical (already researched, thank god) and pop culture references...
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