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a shot in the dark

so i'm going about my sunday morning routine (which is reading postsecret) and i see this secret:

I willingly withheld the greatest discovery in mathematics from the world...It is the solution to the Riemann Hypothesis...The Riemman [sic] Hypothesis is false. The prime number 2^13466971-1 is off the critical line.

so, i wikipediaed the riemann hypothesis and sort of gleaned that it's about prime numbers. ok, lovely, i know what a prime number is, i'm with it! but really, my interest was piqued because i think it's be pretty damn cool if some anonymous guy on postsecret had the solution to this hundred and forty year old math problem (for which there is a million dollar prize for proving or disproving, nonetheless).

so, my question is, does anyone know if this could be true? i mean, i'm sure there's something lengthy involved in checking these things, but do any of you math types think this could be true?
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