chutney ferret (hellaweasels) wrote in thequestionclub,
chutney ferret

*this* just popped up on my friendslist

uncut 'cause i'm lazy as sin
*snickers* hee, uncut

yeah i posted this on the anonmeme [on one of the 'post your sexual fantasies thread']
and i'm posting it here just 'cause:

[spaaaace. spacespacespace. spaaaace]

"so it starts out with [the dude's bf] playing some game-multiplayer/co-op- with a bunch of his online buddies. and i'm getting really horny and just sorta pounce on him, mouthing at his pants, kissing his neck, nibbling his ears all that kinda stuff. this being [the dude's bf] he shoves me off gently and tells me to go elsewhere, ruffling my hair and shit. naturally my defintion of elsewhere involves his pants. so i start pulling them down [he never wears underwear so this is fairly easy] and he notices. we engage in a brief staring contest where he's pretty much realized he's getting a blowjob so he's like 'oh fine puppy, go ahead' hair-ruffle smile drag closer to his crotch.
so i start licking his cock and he's getting pretty into it, little gasps escaping his mouth and one of his friends comments "like wtf man? what are you doing?" and he realizes he's making noise and he blushes a little, because y'know his friends just heard him.

but he lets me continue anyway. and i do, all kinds of tongue maneuvers and humming and swallowing motions all that kinda shit. and he's still playing whatever video game he's playing and he's just moaning and saying my name over and over kinda loudly.
and both of us are too focused to notice that hey his friends have gone quiet, they're just listening.
and after a bit more he comes and he's dragging me against his thigh and they hear like 'god [their name] you're so good at this. such a good puppy, my good boy' shit like that.
and then they start commenting-snarking, asking if he needs a cig, jeering, congratulating him.
and he goes bright fucking red and he's all embarrassed and stuff and god it's really kinda hot and totally something i want to try to replicate oh god yes please"

How would you feel about this, TQC?

And would you comment? If so, what?
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