jogas (jogas) wrote in thequestionclub,

Attention TQC Cat Experts!

I need your help :( I just moved to a small town and I have 2 cats. One of my cats is older and stays inside 24/7. Well, this morning I couldn't find him and it's 9:55 pm and there's still no sign of him. I know he must have gotten out when one of my fiance's brothers (we live with them) left this morning, but he still hasn't come back :( I just rode around for about an hour looking for him, but had no luck.
Any ideas on places outside that cats like to hide? Or if I should relax because he'll probably show up in time on his own? It's very unlikely that he would be hit by a car (max speed limit around here is 20 mph and the main road isn't anywhere near our house). Give me some reassurance!

DK/DC: Is it raining where you are? Do you like rainy days? Why/why not?

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