cold as ice cream but still as sweet (rebel_waltz) wrote in thequestionclub,
cold as ice cream but still as sweet

our friend has planned a second, low key bachelorette party for our friend for tomorrow night because one of their old friends just got into town yesterday.

do i have to go if i went to the first and had it at my place?

they're all kind of a click. not a nasty one by any means(except maybe this girl who just got back) but they're kind of a unit. they're all close to each other as a group and i'm not in that group. they were all friends and did school projects together when i was in the process of failing high school and dropping out. i haven't seen the girl who just got into town in years and i already felt ever so slightly out of place before the gang was ~~back together.

but also, i'm in the wedding, will be at the rehearsal dinner, etc.

obviously i don't HAVE to go but is it gonna look bad? i'm just not excited and am already having a rough time in my life. if things don't go well i know exactly how i'm going to feel and it'll definitely end with me crying as soon as i get home, possibly even on the bus.
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