_onekillwonder_ (_onekillwonder_) wrote in thequestionclub,

Making up work...

I work 5-8 hours a day after school at a privately owned stable.

I worked 1 out of my 5 planned hours Tuesday due to an emergency.
I have a 5 hour day planned for Wednesday(4pm-9pm). She said I could come an hour or so early if I wanted so I could get everything done.
I forgot I had a school speech planned for Wednesday night at 6pm, so I need to leave from the stable at 5.
Instead of basically dissapointing my boss two days in a row and showing up at possibly 3 and leaving at 5, and not being able to get everything done...

**Our local tv news crew is comming to do a piece on the junior riders that are going to state, so the grounds need to look tv presentable.**

Should I come at 12pm and work until 5pm to still put in a good 5 hours day's work?
Better yet, what if I came in at 8am - 5pm...making the 5 hour requirement for that day and the 4 hours I missed Tuesday? What would you do?
It's not like she'll have to pay me any extra than she already scheduled me for.

Considering that...I really need the cash, my speech is prepared and I have no other plans during the morning until 5pm....my boss is a teacher and will be at school until 4pm reguardless, I have the keys to the stable, and there is a lot to get done for the TV crews and the kids leaving for state competition that night.

I'm only afraid that she'll look at me like I'm stupid for comming in at 8am and possibly "making my own schedule" and having her pay me money she didnt expect to pay me after missing a few hours tonight. And any other negative things you guys may think of...
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