Cordelia Fiterre (cordelia_sue) wrote in thequestionclub,
Cordelia Fiterre

What should I name my fledgeling mehndi business? Mehndi = henna body art.

So far, my favorite is Anima Mehndi. I like the way it sounds, and it's a fun play on words based on Anima mundi, "the soul of the world." I think the concept suits the craft.

Other ideas are Hennawood (or Hennawood Design), Monsoon Henna, Homegrown Henna, or maybe Terra Mehndi.

I'm still brainstorming, so I'm open to other ideas as well. Something nature themed would suit me and my area. I also like the idea of something magic based, but couldn't come up with anything that didn't sound super cheesy.

Thanks, TQC!
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