Elle B. See (elbiesee) wrote in thequestionclub,
Elle B. See

Goofy Facebook situation

Yesterday at the family cookout, one of my favorite aunts begged me to add her on Facebook "because I only have 20 friends, counting my kids!" Aww, right?

Thing is, I've got some drama going on at Facebook that I don't want her to catch hold of. She talks to my mom frequently, and I've been keeping my mom out of this because she doesn't need any more to worry about in her life. And my mom doesn't do social networks, so this has been easy so far.

And I like this aunt - she's one of my role models, and her personality is a lot like mine - so I'd love to stay in touch with her this way. But I don't know how long this current drama is going to last.

The question: how do I get around Auntie Em's request that I add her on Facebook?

A. Start a new account just for family/close friends and add her there
B. Wait until the drama dies down (end of this week at the earliest) and add her to my current account
C. Conveniently "forget" until Thanksgiving, when she'll get on to me about it after complimenting my broccoli casserole.

I experimented with the filters there with a friend of mine, and it wasn't working. I guess I'll either start a new account or procrastinate.

Do you have any traits that you got from a non-parent family member? My aunt and I act and talk a lot alike.

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