Nikki (litte2psycho) wrote in thequestionclub,

my roommate/fwb/whateverthefuckwearethisweek and I have decided to part ways. I don't think he'll be able to get utilities in his name but that's not my problem.

How should we split the furniture and household items that we bought together over the past 2 years?

somethings were given to us. something were bought with my money but put in his name. somethings I bought and he repaid me for the items.

kitchen table and chairs were given to us by a friend of his.
I bought the gas/charcoal grill, but he uses it. I don't.
the beds were in his name but paid for with my money/debit card.
the computers were both bought with my money.
3 of the 4 TVs I brought with me when I moved in. .
couch and recliner I bought but he repaid me for them.
other random household things don't matter.
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