plasmic_slime (plasmic_slime) wrote in thequestionclub,

At the beginning of this summer I got two jobs, one in a pub and one at festivals. I explained to the pub the dates I would be away, and that they were my priority, so if they wanted me to turn down the festival job I would. They said not to, and being away would be fine.
Cut to the end of the summer, and I really only did about 7 shifts in the pub.
I saw the landlady my local street festival I was volunteering at, and apologised profusely. At the time, she could have been drunk, and seemed pissed off in a joking kind of way. She was stand-offish for the rest of the weekend, though it could have just been because she was busy.
Either way, I now feel awful for letting them down, would like to go back at Christmas (though know my chance is probably gone) and want to make amends.
To make it all more awkward they owe me about £150 in wages, which I didn't ask for at any point.

How do I go about getting this money in the nicest bridge-building way?

Tl;dr, didn't work in a pub when I said I would, how do I apologise (given i've tried once) and get my unpaid wages?

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