Faith (lovemylab) wrote in thequestionclub,

One more job question...

I have a VERY IMPORTANT job interview tomorrow. I want this job more than words can describe.
I've been finding lately that when I get nervous, excited, happy, or really any emotion my cheeks blush profusely. If I laugh, bright red face. If I think hard about something, bright red face.
The last few interviews I went on started out fine. My face was normal colored. By the end of the interview I could feel my cheeks burning, and when I looked in the mirror after leaving, I was horrified to find my face was BRIGHT RED like I had sunburn.
I conduct myself very well during interviews, I don't feel nervous or anything, I just blush like a fool!
Anyone else have a red face, and is there anyway I can prevent it from happening tomorrow? Makeup seems to make it worse....

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