Elaine (elainemcplane) wrote in thequestionclub,

When was the last time you were admitted into a hospital? For what?

I was admitted into one on Feb. 24 this year; for my nosebleed that refused to stop. :[
I made a total of 2 visits, waited for 2 hours each time and an hour with each doctor.

Right before I got to see a doctor; I coughed up like a million-gigantic bloodclots and my nose stopped bleeding for a short period. When the doctor was checking out my nose, he poked it really hard and it started to bleed again. o.o Then he tried to put silver nitrate on my "wound", but it made my nose itchy and I kept sneezing it all out. So, he decided to shove a "special type of gauze" up my nostril, ow. It was almost a meter long! I had to keep that in my nose for an entire day and it made it hard to me to breathe.

On the second visit I got it removed. The doctor made me my blow my nose until all the blood was out. I ended up using like 3/4 of the tissue box before he stuck silver nitrate on the "wound". I didn't sneeze any of it out!--Maybe because this doctor wasn't poking me as hard as the other one was. In the end, he gave me the rest of the box of tissues because I had already used most of it. =P

Oh, and do you wanna know how I got that nosebleed? I BLEW MY NOSE! 'Curse those runny-noses. I always have a runny nose and never did like to blow it; but my mum told me to and look where it got me. Now I'm afraid to blow my nose. :(

It was actually more complicated than this sounds. I was also sick at that time and hit a high fever at 40ºC! (104ºF?) I lost my voice too. I felt like crap f-o-r-e-v-e-r but I'm all better now! =)

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