Faith (lovemylab) wrote in thequestionclub,

Job help!

Ok, here's my situation. I was offered a job today that I interviewed for yesterday. However, I have an interview tomorrow for a job that I want a billion times more.
The folks at the place that want to hire me, we'll call it Job A, want an answer ASAP. I don't want to accept the offer for Job A and then find out I got the job I want so much more, we'll call that Job B.
I can't tell Job A to wait around for Job B to decide if they're going to hire me or not, that could be weeks! Job A isn't going to hold the position for me, and especially not if they know it's because I'm holding out for something better!
But I don't want to go to the interview for Job B tomorrow, which I am very well qualified for and believe I have a decent chance of getting, and tell them that I have something else waiting in the wings so they need to make a decision very quickly!
Is there a way to convey to Job B that I want to work for them more than anything, but that I have to know quickly?
I don't want to accept Job A and then be offered Job B, because I'd take Job B in a heartbeat and that would be soooooo terrible to Job A, but I don't want to turn down Job A and then not get Job B and be stuck with no job at all!
Please, what should I do??

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