gee (pinkfaerietale) wrote in thequestionclub,

ooh sorry for posting again so soon but this is more important than my spots! as i mentioned yesterday i think, i'm having a house inspection by landlord tomorrow. thanks for the advice yesterday, i got myself coffee, blared some Queen and just hammered on into it!! anyways...we have cream colored carpets which are a complete nightmare at the best of times, but now i have a dried in coffee stain that i NEED to get rid of.

i tried two kinds of carpet cleaner on it and although it has lessened it, it is still noticeable and landlord is a bit of a pain in the ass about everything. would alcohol be any good? salt? is there anything i am likely to have around the house that is going to get rid of this? its not really in a place where i can just put a rug over it.

hope someone can help out.

thankies sooooo much

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