דבורה (lyndz) wrote in thequestionclub,

Today when I was walking to work, I got whistled at by a guy in a van. Aside from the creep factor, not a big deal. But this was in rush hour traffic, so I would walk past his van, then the light would turn green, he'd pull up ahead of me, and I'd walk past him again when the light turned red. This happened several times and each time he would aggressively whistle, yell, or honk his horn. He was driving a work van with a local phone number printed on the side. Would it have been appropriate for me to call that number and complain?

DK/DC: How uncomfortable does catcalling and whistling make you feel? I can usually ignore it if it just happens once as someone's driving past, but if it's not done and over with, I feel really uncomfortable.
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