charlsrie (charlsrie) wrote in thequestionclub,

When was the last time you got your way by throwing a fit?

I paid a guy back in November of 2009 to paint a tattoo design for me.  I gave him $100 cash and BAM, he completely cut off all contact with me.  This guy's business is selling art, and he even has an online store.  I've been politely asking him since I paid him for my art and he kept blowing me off.  It wasn't until he deleted my comment saying "Hey, I haven't gotten my piece yet!  Can you contact me?" off his facebook page that I thought F- it, it's been too long.  I found another girl who had been scammed by him so I took a leaf from her book and  I created a blog yesterday showing how he ripped me off and it ended up getting thousands of hits in a day.  I just got an e-mail from him saying he is processing my refund.  HA.
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