Cara or C.C., whichever you prefer (ms_octopus_lady) wrote in thequestionclub,
Cara or C.C., whichever you prefer

When was the last time you had trouble communicating with someone? What were you talking about? Were they having trouble understanding you or were you having trouble understanding them -- or both?

When was the last time you were talking with someone and you could tell they were upset about something, but they pretended like everything was fine? How does that make you feel when that happens?

I was talking with my FWB tonight and we were talking about the rules of sleeping with other people. I told him, "If you're going to start sleeping with someone else, just tell me before you do it, and tell me if and when you stop. That's all I need to know." Then I asked him what kind of "rules" he wanted about knowing if I was sleeping with anyone (if he even wanted to know at all). And he kept saying all these things that didn't make sense and were contradicting himself and erugh.

Then he had to leave for school and he was acting all weird and I was like, "Hey, are you OK? If you want to talk about this some more, you can stop by my place again after class," and he was like, "What? No, it's fine! I'm fine! Everything is fine! OK, I gotta go. But everything's fine! It's all fine!"

I can so tell he's not fine with this. And that just makes me so...I dunno. Sad.
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