mprfctn (mprfctn) wrote in thequestionclub,

So my sister took in her 17 year old niece after she got kicked out by her step-mom (for communicating with her real mom, fwiw). Since then she's been looking for a job. This past weekend she was approached by some lady who had some fliers or something and handed her one telling her "you're the perfect size!" It was an offer to "model clothes in store for $20/hr" she said she can go in any time she wants any hours she wants and get paid to wear clothes, I guess. She said they'd give her clothes to wear and she just had to wear them in the store.

I asked which store and they said some name I had never heard of before and my brother-in-law said it was an "up and coming" store founded in 2006.

I'm feeling iffy about this. It sounds like a "too good to be true" thing... like what you often see on craigslist. Seems odd they'd be walking around a lake in a completely different city to hand out fliers to young girls either wearing shorts or swimsuits and right then and there offer to "pay them $20/hr to come in their store any time they want and just wear clothes."

Has anyone heard of a scam like this? I tried to say something to my sister but she wouldn't hear any of it "they can't rip her off because she's not giving them any money" is all I heard from her.

This just seems weird to me. Any ideas of what they could be trying to pull? Or am I being too skeptical? Any references or anything I could show to my sister would be great if this definitely sounds like a scam or is one you've heard of would be great.
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