Beach Bunny (amybowen) wrote in thequestionclub,
Beach Bunny

Last night I ran into a new friend of mine(we're coworkers and on the same roller derby team). Shortly into my (somewhat drunk) conversation with her a friend of hers walked up and handed her a cup of ice, and joined in our conversation. I distinctly recalling her friend as someone I had flirted with very briefly and then never saw again. And she remembered me too! Unfortunately before I could put my slick moves on her we got side tracked and I didn't see her for the rest of the night.

I'm seeing my new friend again today. How do I subtly ask if her friend is single? I don't want to look like an ass if they are seeing each other, or get in the way of something if my friend likes her.

DK/DC: How proud of me are you for typing this on my phone?
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