Snu (owl_eyes_4ever) wrote in thequestionclub,

okay, see my icon? I made that from an image I found somewhere, because I find these replace-Jesus'-head-with-someone-else icons funny. And I like Bill Hader.

I want to make these for myself using other people's faces but I don't know what the original image is called. I'm guessing something-Sacred Heart but I can't find this specific one (there's a LOT of Sacred Heart paintings out there).  Does anyone know what the unaltered painting is called?

Also: what is your highest Nyan record for Nyan-Cat? Mine's somewhere over 1000 seconds (currently it's almost 1100).

edit* ... is anyone else getting a 503 error when trying to check the community profile page? I had to try 5 times for it to load.
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