Bekah (erasethisworld) wrote in thequestionclub,

TQC I need some advice. I'll try and keep it short and sweet.

I'm 19, female, I work in a pub. Two months ago, our managers were away and we had a duty manager on. During this time, a drunk customer reached across the bar, grabbed me by the neck, strangled me and tried to kiss me. I finally managed to pull away, informed my duty manager who 'told him off'. He wasn't thrown out, no one took his drink off and he left in his own sweet time.

When my managers returned, I informed them off the incident. The duty manager had not written it in the incident book, neither had she let them know. My male manager assured me the man would be barred. Fast forward to last night, and I'm on shift when lo and behold, the man is sitting in the middle of the pub. I was informed by another staff member that he is allowed back in now.

I wasn't told he was coming back, this man attacked me. TQC, what can I do? What are my rights?

(sorry for the tl;dr)
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