archaicos (archaicos) wrote in thequestionclub,

stupid barking dog

How do you make a dog stop barking at you when you come home or leave? Out of the blue he's recently assumed the position of a doorbell of sorts and when you least expect it (late after work or just off the bed, all in your thoughts or not yet fully awake) he's there, rushing like mad to you to bark at you and scare you (not because he's big and scary, he's actually a small dog, but because its unexpected). And he's doing it only when there's someone else in the house (hence the doorbell reference). I can't do anything to him 'cause he's not mine and when I try to scare him in return (chasing him or barking back loudly), he takes it as a game, not afraid of anything. Not sure what to do/try. Ideas?
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