hikerpoet (hikerpoet) wrote in thequestionclub,

Yes, this is a "What should I be for Halloween?" post and I realize we'll be getting far too many of those soon enough. But this one does have a twist.

My husband and I love making our own costumes. Last year we were the Yip-yips from Sesame Street (I'll post a photo in the comments), the year before was garden gnomes, and our daughter has been Max from Where the Wild Things Are and an owl.

The difference is this year I'll be quite pregnant. Close to seven months, so big enough that my abdomen most certainly needs to be worked into a costume, but not so big I won't be able to maneuver or will risk popping anytime.

Does anyone have any creative costume ideas that incorporate a big, pregnant belly? Pregnant nuns are way overdone so I don't want to go there. I can probably do better than a basketball or a globe, and it is incredibly tempting to make a 3-D paper mache alien tearing its way out of my tummy but I'd like more ideas to cull from.

Feel free to come up with companion/related costume ideas for my husband and two year old, but it is not required that we tie-in.
We're pretty crafty and handy and live in a relatively urban area with access to lots of kinds of supplies, so there aren't many limits there.

TL;DR? Do you have any amazing costume ideas for a pregnant lady?
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