Jen (my_name_is_jenn) wrote in thequestionclub,

They're doing some restructuring here at work and another company is coming in to take over one of the departments. I'm mainly in that department, which would usually mean I'd be getting the axe, but I'm also part of another department. Nobody can tell me yet if I'll keep my job or not.

My boss said to me, "The other company will start in 12 weeks. I can't guarantee you'll still be employed but I also can't guarantee you won't be either. Do what you feel you need to do. If you feel like you need to look for employment elsewhere, you have my full support and you could definitely use me as a reference."

There's a severance package involved and I'd be able to collect unemployment if I decided to wait and see and then ended up losing my job.

My question is, if you were in this position, would you start looking for employment now, and possibly taking a job in the next couple of weeks? Or would you wait to possibly collect the severance package?

I'm leaning towards getting out while I still have a job, especially since my boss told me I could and that I could use her as a reference.
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