Nessa (nebe) wrote in thequestionclub,

I need real, no bullshit, advice.

I have a cat I've written about before, she's a 6/7 year old Maine Coon. About a year and a half (maybe more) ago she urinated and defecating on my kitchen counters. Since then, she has religiously defecated outside all litter boxes. We added boxes, we changed litters, we changed the cleaning schedule, and finally I spent almost $400 on a LitterRobot self-cleaning box. Though she continued to urinate in all the litter boxes, she will still defecate either next to one, across the room, downstairs infront of our massive 120g fishtank (which none of the cats ever show interest in) and just now she did so on the kitchen floor. What's more striking is that after defecating in the corner, she went up onto the kitchen counter on the opposite side of the room and urinated all over our microwave, coffee pot, several decanters and down the side of the fridge. We KNOW it was her because neither of the other two cats had urine on their feet, but she did. She also has a weird meow or talk while she goes and I heard her doing so not an hour ago.

At this point, I've been ready to give her up for several months- though my SO has adamantly refused. We made an agreement that if she was to begin urinating outside a box, we would give her up. It took almost 40 minutes to clean up after this mishap and my SO made the decision it was time to find a place for her.

I know she's unadoptable because of her inconsistent bathroom behavior but I don't have the heart to euthanize her. I will forfeit the cost of flying her to any sanctuary in the United States, regardless of where- but I can't find one that will take nonaggressive, unadoptable pets.

Can someone help me find a facility that will not euthanize her, but will also not adopt her out (for risk someone would not care for her either)? I'm heartbroken and I've never had to give up an animal before, but we cannot care for her anymore. Help?
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