Adrian (iliveinacubicle) wrote in thequestionclub,

my sister is a herion junkie who is high and then dope sick all the time, my mom just got out of prison and is living with us. she is my dads ex wife so he moved to his girlfriends house and left us here and still pays part of the rent/i pay the other half. i never wanted my mom to move in but my sister made me take her out of jail because she had no where to go, i love the woman but she is psychotic. everyday there is an epic battle between my sister and my mom it gets so bad that i have to threaten to call the cops all most everyday, while i sit in my room and hide from it. yesturday i said enough was enough and they both had to get out. they are guilt tripping me saying "you are evil your really going to make us go to a shealter"  i said its not me who made that decision it was them. they treat me like shit.

am i wrong for kicking them out? i can only take so much, they are making me really really depressed and its effecting my job and my social life.
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