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What is your secret to staying healthy/thin?

Um, healthy: I take my multi-vitamin/mineral pill and eat lots of veggies/whole grains. As for my secret to staying thin, I regularly forget I'm hungry and when I do eat it's just snack sized. Although, this is not to say I don't eat full meals, I do, just that I eat one big meal and then kinda snack. I think this habit also reins in my gluttony b/c my stomach is small and won't hold a lot of food.

When do you eat your big meal of the day?

Lunch. I eat a square meal from the cafeteria at my high school.

DK;DC: When do you/did you start school? What year are you? Do you like the look of your classes this term?

I started on Wednesday. I'm a senior in high school. Yes, I love my schedule. I have 3 acedemic courses, 2 of which are required, the other my counselor made me take (ugh, discrete math). I'm taking a lot of performing arts courses as well: piano II, guitar II, choir. And I'm taking a PE class as well.
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