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two very different questions...

I have two questions today. I cut the first one because its likely not all of you want to hear about my relationship troubles.

I have been seeing my current boyfriend for six months. In that time we have not kissed. We are both 16 and have not had previous relationships. We had been friends for a year or so through school before we began to go out. A mutual friend told him that I liked him, so he asked me to Homecoming.

I really like this boy, but we have kind of the worst relationship ever. We hardly do things outside of school. He's also got this frustrating obession with Gwen Stefani. I am the polar opposite of her, so you can imagine what it does for my self esteem. He is downright strange about it, even going as far as to cut take a picture of her and her husband and pasting his face over the husbands. Of course, he has to tell me about these things all of the time. He also comes up with elaborate plots as to how to win her heart. Most involve me seducing her husband so that she dumps him.

He has said some really sweet things, like "I would pick you over Gwen.", but in this case I think actions speak louder than words, and I am seriously considering dumping him. But then I run into two issues.

Issue A: We won't be friends anymore.
I really like him, but not really in an attraction way anymore. I am concerned that we will not be friends anymore due to considerable awkwardness.

Issue B: How would I do that, anyway?
I have never had a boyfriend before him, and none of the close friends I would disclose this situation to have either. Since we never seem to hang out outside of school, I guess that's the most logical place to do it, but what do I say and how mean is that?

Which brings me to my questions.
Is it possible to be friends after you break up with someone?
How do you dump someone?

I hope this isn't getting too personal for y'all, but I really don't know who to ask these things.

Question 2:
We're studying the genocide that occured in Rwanda in 1994 in my Contemporary World Affairs class, and for a project I am to write letters to my congress person about the current genocide in Darfur, Sudan. I have already formed my opinions on what we should do, so I am not requesting anyone do my homework for me, but I would like to widen my horizons and see what y'all think about this topic.

What do you think about the genocide in Darfur? The 1994 genocide in Rwanda?
Do you think your country should have done more/should be doing more?
Do you think, regardless of your location, that the US is/was obligated to do something because of morals or the 1948 Genocide Convention?
Should the United Nations be taking a bigger stand?

Thank you!
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