on the verge of something great (miz_kitty) wrote in thequestionclub,
on the verge of something great

Affairs and clearing consciences

I had a close group of friends from college. Two of the friends (we can call them Carrie and Josh) had an affair that was a major secret(aka Josh was ending his marriage at the time, and their relationship contributed to the demise). Carrie broke up with Josh a few months after he left his wife and the fall out shattered the group.

I knew about the affair, but another friend in our group, Jeff, didn't know. He just thought that Josh started to like Carrie and got kind of weird (stalker weird) on her, and that Carrie freaked out and cut off contact with him. Jeff kind of got in the middle, but never really knew the truth about what happened.

The 5 years have past, and the group has scattered to the wind for the most part, except Carrie, Jeff and I are still close friends. Carrie is moving to another city in a few months and Jeff is getting married and she wants to tell Jeff what happened. Her reasons are that that she doesn't want anymore secrets between them, and that she wants him to understand what was going on when he was put in the middle. Jeff and Josh are still friends as well, although not good friends anymore.

I think she is just unloading her remaining guilt on him.

What do you think? Should she tell him, or let the demons die?

I guess I'm kind of worried he'll be pissed at me for not telling him, but at the time I was just trying to stay out of it.

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