ladyniko (ladyniko) wrote in thequestionclub,

Cats & Plastic

So, I adopted 2 new cats last year and it turns out that one of them - Daniel (aka the monkey butt spaz brat cat) is something of a plastic addict.

I absolutely can not leave the smallest bit of plastic wrap, plastic tear strip from a package or anything of the sort near where he can get at it.  I don't know if it's the feel of the plastic, the noise it makes when he chews on it  or what, but it drives me nuts.  :-p  He will find something at like three in the morning and wake me up chewing on it, then run from me when I stumble out of bed to try and take it away from him!  (Even stuff I thought I'd securely put in the trash can!)

For those of you who have cats - are your cats this crazy about plastic?  Are they always getting into things after you tell them no?  I swear Daniel is like a two year old child - no means yes to them.  :-p
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