Kayley (saloonperfume) wrote in thequestionclub,

 How do you deal with a friend who's being immature and giving you the cold shoulder?

Long story short, I think she's pissed that I didn't come up to see her a couple weeks ago (for the record, I couldn't afford the gas). This really pisses me off because I'm always the one going to see her. In the three years we've been friends she has never once offered to come see me, even though it is much more within her means to do so. Anyway, lately she has not been answering my calls or my emails, and the few times she has picked up the phone, she's merely polite and gives me one-word answers for everything so the 'conversation' lasts maybe two minutes. This has been going on for two weeks and when I've asked her what's wrong she says 'oh, nothing.' Basically, I'm astounded at the immaturity she's showing and I'm at a loss because I've never been at odds with a friend before.
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